Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What now?

How do you replace a legend?
A: Not with Richie Petitbon.

As the second search in the last 15 years for Joe Gibbs' replacement begins, the early list of candidates includes Redskin assistant coaches Gregg Williams and Al Saunders, and former Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Bill Cowher. While he has denied he is interested in getting back into coaching, Cowher is the most intriguing potential replacement outside of Nick Saban (would you really be surprised?), Steve Sabol (nobody's better at breaking down film), and Terry Robiskie (he could hire his son as the new Wide Receivers Coach).

JScramble and I would like to see someone else get a look. He's a man who represents the Redskins' glory years as well as anyone; a man who has the coaching skills and experience to build on Gibbs' success; a man who values the running game; a man who, according to Mark May, loves beer; a man who, presumably, knows the rule about calling back-to-back timeouts.

Hogs and Hogettes, Russ Grimm.

Grimm coached with the Redskins after winning three Super Bowls in Washington and studied under some of the game's brightest minds. He played for and coached alongside Gibbs and was a candidate for the head coaching position in Chicago before moving on to Pittsburgh, where he won another Super Bowl as Cowher's assistant head coach/offensive line.

Grimm was considered a candidate to replace Cowher, but when Mike Tomlin was hired, he headed to Arizona with fellow former Steelers assistant Ken Whisenhunt. When asked whether it would be weird coaching alongside a man with whom he competed for the Steelers' and Cardinals' head coaching jobs, Grimm said, "I don't mind riding shotgun."

It's the perfect time for the Redskins to put the former Hog in the driver's seat.

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