Saturday, January 19, 2008

This Could Get Ugly

Maryland visits Chapel Hill today looking to knock off top-ranked and undefeated UNC. The Tar Heels are all kinds of ridiculous at home, scoring 98 points per game, shooting over 50 percent from the floor, and pummeling opponents by an average of more than 30 points. Maryland, meanwhile, has pretty much sucked all year no matter where they play, and starting point guard Eric Hayes is expected to miss his fourth consecutive game. No big deal. I think the over/under on Greivis Vasquez's turnover total in this game is hovering somewhere around 14.

Still, I'm giving MD a shot. Remember 1995...

Selected Highlights:

- Rasheed Wallace's white spot (1:11)
- The "Wave hat" in the background -- I think this was the official NFL sideline hat in 1994 (1:18)
- Dante Calabria sucking (throughout)
- Dean Smith signaling "No mas" (2:18)
- Johnny Rhodes popping his jersey -- this was stupid even back then (3:01)
- Euphoric Guy (3:05)
- Red pom-poms(3:12)

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