Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Show 'em what they've, uh, won...

Forget Refgate. The NBA didn't conspire to have Boston win its 17th NBA title any more than Sasha Vujacic conspired to do his best impression of a greasy sieve wearing a hairnet on defense. The Lakers simply embarrassed themselves Tuesday night and saved the impartial viewing public the agony of the buildup to what was sure to be an anticlimactic Game 7.

Los Angeles lost more than its dignity, however. The City of Angels will also bid adieu to its Arena Football League team, the Avengers, according to the terms of a bet between Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino. Had Villaraigosa won the bet, an obvious joke that pales in comparison to the best wagers of all-time, Menino would have arranged to have the New England Patriots shipped to L.A. Clearly, each city's respective payoffs were as lopsided as the matchup that decided the wager's outcome.

For any Bostonians who care, your new AFL team is somehow still alive for the playoffs despite a craptastic 5-10 record. Here are the scenarios by which the Avengers can clinch a playoff berth:

1) Win + Colorado loss
2) Win + Grand Rapids loss
3) Win + Utah loss
4) Utah loss + Grand Rapids win + Colorado win
5) Paul Pierce at QB + KG at WR + Ray Allen at RB
6) The scandalous AFL referees make it so