Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Farewell, Trent

With the report that Trent Johnson will become LSU's next head coach on the heels of the Lopez twins' announcement that they will enter the NBA draft, the question becomes, will Stanford win 10 games next season? I'm betting yes, if only because 8 non-conference wins should be easy to come by and there are no plans to contract Oregon State from the Pac-10.

As for who will replace Johnson, well, your guess is as good as mine. But if we're speculating...

Mike Montgomery

Pros: The man won 547 games on the Farm and was responsible for turning Stanford into a perennial contender before leaving for a predictably unsuccessful stint as head coach of the NBA's Golden State Warriors.

Cons: He was introduced as Ben Braun's replacement at rival Cal last week. No biggie.

Jim Harbaugh

Stanford 24, USC 23. This guy is a miracle worker.

Cons: The extent of his basketball coaching knowledge is conversations with his brother-in-law, new Indiana head coach Tom Crean.

Nick Robinson

Pros: He drained the most memorable shot in Stanford basketball history.

He has virtually no coaching experience.

Todd Bozeman

Pros: It would complete a hilarious swap with Cal, where Bozeman coached from 1993-96 and led the Golden Bears to three NCAA tournament appearances.

The reason Bozeman left Cal -- and only recently resumed his coaching career at Morgan State -- is that the NCAA learned he paid a recruit $30,000 over two years.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

If You Don't Get It, You Don't Get I

What's wrong with this picture? Well, besides the fact that the outfield seats are virtually empty for the second game ever at Nationals Park.

Still not sure? Here's a closer view.

Forget fixing the radar gun. Someone tell me how it is that the paper that wins a record six Pulitzers can't even get its full name in lights.

Should I assume that this is the Nationals' half-hearted attempt at making its stadium eco-friendly, saving the valuable energy that would otherwise be required to light up one more letter?

Is Dmitri Young manually powering the scoreboard by pedaling furiously on an exercise bike hooked up to a generator in the home clubhouse during the game?

Or is the 'n' purposely unlit, perhaps alerting fans that they are watching a 'night' game, in a nod to the creativity on display at Camden Yards. There, either the 'H' or the 'E' in the sign that reads "THE SUN" atop the scoreboard flashes to clear up any confusion as to whether a play will be scored a hit or an error.

Seriously, by June, this could read, "he Wang pot." But will any fans be there to see it?


Bring on the Flyers.