Monday, January 7, 2008

Bog Poll, Thanbauk Style

Atlantic 11 Bog Poll Pithmaster Bill Fitzgerald submitted some outstanding haiku and limericks with two of his most recent ballots, raising the proverbial bar for future pith. Like most of the local hoops teams that make up the poll, I have fallen woefully short of any such measure of success with my latest ballot -- in lovely Thanbauk form. It's fitting, really: Crappy and forgettable poetry for crappy and forgettable teams.

This week's full Week 8 Bog Poll -- and other goodness -- can be found here.

Oh, and if you're wondering why there's a photo of Jack Cust accompanying this post, well I guess you'll just have to read on. Sucker.

1. Georgetown

Hoyas down Knights;

Set their sights on

new heights – UConn.

2. George Mason

Pats jump to two;

Almost blew lead,

but phew, hung on.

3. Virginia

Where is the D?

Don’t ask me, dude

For three…it’s good!

4. VCU

Rebound from loss,

Maynor is boss, league

is toss-up, fool.

5. James Madison

Dukes fall to Pride;

Run and hide, as

this ride is stalled.


Dogs in ’08;

Looking great for

a date in Dance?

7. Virginia Tech

In wake of bust,

Hokies must win;

Jack Cust did ’roids.

8. Maryland

So hot right now;

Gary’s vow: Terps

will wow in March.

9. Richmond

Spiders surprise,

On the rise for

now; sky’s limit.

10. Old Dominion

Monarchs fade fast

in the past month;

near last in poll.

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