Sunday, September 28, 2008

Zorn Again!

Portis pockets straight. Suisham field goals straight. Campbell passes straight. Horton interceptions straight. I still don't really know what any of that means, but I do know this: The Redskins' 26-24 win in Dallas was straight up awesome.

Where to begin?

Jason Campbell's passer rating was 108.4 and he has now thrown 6 touchdowns with nary an interception this season. Against Dallas, he used his legs to elude the Cowboys' pass rush, buying extra time in true Tony Romo-fashion on a couple of occasions to find Santana Moss wide open downfield for big gains. Campbell's most incredible Houdini act resulted in a touchdown pass to Antwaan Randle El on a broken play that was nullified by a penalty. Campbell pocket presence straight. (A well articulated description of Campbell's improved decision-making here).

Moss had another monster game, Randle El and James Thrash made touchdown grabs, and Chris Cooley had four catches, including one on a crucial third down in the fourth quarter. Portis had his first 100-yard game of the season, though he did nothing to dispel the recent knock on him that he gets winded and takes himself out of the game too often. Given how many shots there were of Portis on the sideline during Redskins drives, you'd think Brian Mitchell was in the production truck directing the camera traffic. "Stay on Portis! Keep that tight shot! Zoom in on his pockets! Yeah, right there. Yeah, what's up now, man? You want to steal me now while you huffin' and puffin' on the sideline?"

Portis had a touchdown run wiped out by a penalty, which is a shame, because the ensuing celebration was top-notch. Or straight, whatever. First Portis mocked Terrell Owens' lame, gimme-a-T-gimme-an-O celebration. Then he mimed using a bow to shoot an arrow that apparently struck Portis, who was perhaps still acting as T.O., in the ass. I hope -- and fully expect -- video of the whole charade will surface this week.

Update: Video evidence is already on YouTube, thanks to the Mottram Bros. at Mister Irrelevant. Their video of a violently giddy Jim Zorn is also worth a look.

Washington's defense shut Marion Barber down, effectively forcing Dallas to completely abandon the run. The dangerous Felix Jones didn't have a single carry or reception. While the Skins' defensive line never got to Romo, the secondary was more than up to the challenge. Rookie Chris Horton made a key interception by jumping a sideline route and Shawn Springs helped keep T.O., who burned Washington for four touchdowns in Big D last year, in check. Carlos Rogers wasn't at his worst, which in this game was good enough.

On special teams, Shaun Suisham drilled all four of his field goal attempts and Durant Brooks wasn't chewed out on the sidelines by Zorn.

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