Wednesday, September 3, 2008

High Octane Offense

This is for all the doubters who say Jim Zorn is in for a rude awakening in his first year as an NFL head coach; for all the wannabe NFL general managers whose idea of running a team involves taking LaDainian Tomlinson with the No. 1 pick in their fantasy drafts and who say Jason Campbell is no better than an average quarterback; for all the fans who are worried sick that the Skins will get embarrassed tomorrow night on national TV.

Calm the f%#* Dallas down.

So getting outscored 71-6 by Carolina and Jacksonville wasn't exactly the most uplifting way to close out the preseason. Watching the offense stall more often than Tuesday's traffic was frustrating, but at least you didn't have to stomach the pain of watching the defense, because it wasn't there.

The Skins will be fine. The offensive playcalling in the preseason was vanilla; tomorrow it will be petroleum. The Redskins offense practiced with gas pumps and matches this week -- another one of Zorn's zany ideas! -- in an effort to spark the struggling unit. The exclusive photo above, taken during Tuesday's practice at Redskins Park, shows Chris Cooley heading up field after making a catch, looking for a would-be defender to douse with gasoline. Mike Sellers and Rock Cartwright both practiced with diesel fuel pumps.

No, really, I think the offense will play much better. I mean, it has to. Right?

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