Thursday, September 25, 2008


Hours after the Sports Bog featured a mini expose of Skins, uh, provanity plates, I saw an EGLSUK license plate while driving home. If I ever decide to replace my sweet, randomly generated 3-letter 3-number combo, I might consider this nod to Joe Gibbs:

If Sunday's showdown in Big D turns into a Big Debacle, this might better express Skins' fans sentiments during the Monday morning commute:


greta said...

if that EGLSUK plate was on an acura covered in skins decals, then it was my cousin's friend travis. if not... then i'm glad to hear that there is more than one license plate out there hating on the eagles.

Scott said...

It was an Acura. It did have Skins decals. Travis is awesome.