Saturday, September 27, 2008

Please Don't Fire Groh

I can't wait to see the update at after Saturday's 31-3 loss at Duke. If the "momentum was building" after the UConn game, it's now gathering speed like a runaway freight train. I'm also eagerly anticipating the write-up in the Cavalier Daily, which took a glass-half-full approach in the article previewing the game:
The tenuous 24-13 win against Duke in 2007 sparked something for the Cavaliers, and fans can only hope the same will be true this season.
Keep holding out hope, 'Hoos fans. The only thing yesterday's game sparked was a fire on the unintentionally hilarious UVA message boards.

If Maryland blasts Virginia in Charlottesville next weekend -- if this doesn't happen, um, Fire Ralph Friedgen! -- the Scott Stadium security force should begin to surround Groh in the waning minutes as if he's a goalpost, fending off the masses who want to carry his body out of town.

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