Saturday, December 13, 2008

What if...Chad Johnson had joined the Redskins?

Long before the Mark Teixeira chase began, this was the hot trade talk in Washington. The Redskins reportedly offered two first-round picks for Chad Johnson, but when the Bengals rejected the offer, Vinny Cerrato decided to address his team's receiving needs in the draft. It remains to be seen what sort of pros Devin Thomas, Malcolm Kelly, and Fred Davis will turn out to be, but their numbers combined haven't come close to matching Johnson's production in one of the worst statistical years of his career. So, would Chad Johnson in Burgundy and Gold be a good thing?

Yes, because:
  • It would allow Randle El to become the third receiver -- or the designated leader of the hip, hip, hooray cheer.
  • If Chad ever decides to change his name to Chad Lloyd or Chad McCants-- hey, crazier things have happened -- Skins fans could recycle their No. 85 jerseys.
  • Those gold teeth: So hot right now.
No, because:
  • Every week would be like a really bad soap opera -- with Larry Michael providing the narrative.
  • We could really use that draft pick to take an injury-prone WR who isn't NFL-ready.
  • Those gold teeth: A hot mess.

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