Saturday, December 6, 2008

Great Ideas: Wizards Throwback Jersey Night

If the goal of Friday night's promotion at Verizon Center was to get fans to wonder aloud, "Who were the Zephyrs?" and , more to the point, "What is a zephyr?", well then, bravo. Mission accomplished. But if the goal was to get fans to forget about the Wizards' putrid start to the season, then dressing their under-performing players in the jersey of an obscure team from Chicago that went 25-55 in its one season before moving to Baltimore and becoming the Bullets was a really lame idea.

If the promotions department wants to celebrate the glory years of the franchise by rocking the throwback theme later this season, here's a suggestion: Wear 2005-2007 Washington Wizards jerseys. It would take fans back to the happier times when Larry Hughes and Roger Mason lit up opposing teams, Juan Dixon wore No. 3, Gilbert Arenas occasionally played, and Peter John Ramos still had promise. Maybe Kwame Brown could sing the national anthem.

Oh, and if you care, a zephyr is a gentle breeze. How fitting.

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