Friday, March 28, 2008

Not Everything's Bigger in Texas

Texas "big man" Connor Atchley, who averaged nearly 10 points per game for the guard-centric Longhorns, recently checked in from Houston with the latest installment of the Tournament Diary on Connor says the elevated court at Reliant Stadium, where Texas should have a decided advantage in the stands, is amazing, while practicing at the Toyota Center, home of the Houston Rockets, was awesome. Amazing and awesome don't even begin to describe the double smackdown that the Lopez twins are prepared to dish out tonight. But you don't have to take my word for it...

Tournament diary: Brook Lopez

Holla Cardinal fans,

It's been a crazy couple of days here in Houston. Yesterday we went to Six Flags -- Disneyland is way better -- and then checked out the Johnson Space Center. It was tight. It would be awesome to be an astronaut. Maybe if the NBA thing doesn't work out I'll give that a shot. Speaking of astronauts, coach Johnson broke out the Moon Walk last night after dinner at a steakhouse downtown. The waitresses ate it up. Robin suggested coach use it again during the game tonight if he feels the need to argue another call with the refs. You think they're going to throw him out of the game if he's doing the Moon Walk? No way.

Robin and I performed our choreographed "Thriller" dance and that brought the house down. We were ridin' dirty around town after that and then came back to the hotel in time for me to e-mail a paper (I remembered this time!). We watched some film this morning, had a good shootaround, and have been chilling ever since. As for tonight, I expect it to be a good game, but their big guys couldn't really match up with us if we were standing on the ground and they were on the elevated court. I'm just sayin'. Hook that.

Fear the Tree,


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