Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My NIT bracket is SO busted!

Thanks, Maryland. I bank on an opening round flameout at The Barn and you proceed to deliver a remarkably easy 68-58 win over Minnesota. Seriously, guys, did you not see the video of your last game? Where did that come from?

With the Terps trailing early in the first half, my girlfriend asked me, "What would you do if Maryland lost?" Her tone implied that she expected an answer along the lines of "Eat tortoise shell shards," "Jump off the Key Bridge," or, naturally, "Burn your precious Ikea couch." But the truth was that I whole-heartedly expected Maryland to lose last night, so getting worked up about the inevitable seemed silly.

And then something strange happened. Maryland made baskets, defended, and took care of the ball. Gary was his usual fiery self, but the Terps looked relaxed, and, more importantly (I guess), like a team that actually wanted to advance to play Syracuse in the second round. As the double-digit lead dwindled to five, I had visions of Blake Hoffarber adding to his legend and making some even more ridiculous shot to shock the Terps, but Maryland managed to hold on in what felt very much like an NCAA tournament game. And by that, I mean not at all.

After Maryland crapped out of the ACC tournament with a loss to Boston College, I told a friend from UVA that I'd like to see them win an NIT championship like I want herpes. In hindsight, maybe that was a bit harsh. I should've said, I'd like to see Maryland win a CBI title like I want herpes. At least they're playing in a tournament that (definitely, kind of, hardly) matters, right?

Go Terps! And go Cardinal!

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