Monday, November 3, 2008

Predicting Tonight's Boomerisms

By now you've heard that Chris Berman will interview Barack Obama and John McCain during tonight's Redskins-Steelers game. How might Boomer refer to the presidential hopefuls, I wonder...

Barack "Cartwright" Obama

Barack "Chalk, Jayhawk" Obama

Barack "And Roll" Obama

Barack "Collection" Obama

Barack "Save Your Drama For Your" Obama

Barack "Oh! Oh! Oh!" Obama

Barack "You Like a Hurricane" Obama

John "Edwin" McCain

"Ral" John McCain

John "Riggins "McCain"

John "Night Train" McCain

John McCain "And Abel"

John "Bring the Pain" McCain

John Mc "Lane Kiffin"

Please feel free to leave your own superior suggestions in the comments.

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