Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DJ Strawberry = Sean Singletary

Huge trade in the NBA today, with the Suns sending former Maryland guard D.J. Strawberry to Houston for former UVA standout Sean Singletary.

On TheSabre, one Hoo laments:
"Damn, SS is getting passed around like one of my old girlfriends."

Meanwhile, a Singletary fan weighed in on the deal over at TerrapinSportsReport:
"As much as you guys may hate this trade, you know that SS couldn't have ended up with a better team in terms of matching play style. Run up and down, little reckless at times, harass the ball. Dont hate, appreciate."
To which a Maryland fan responded:
"we dont care about singletary on this board we care about DJ and this trade puts him in jeopardy of not making the team or 12th man again."
"who cares, go away"
That last comment about sums it up. As much as I loved watching DJ Strawberry do his thing in College Park, I'd be surprised if he or Singletary sticks in the NBA.

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