Sunday, December 16, 2007

Inside Mark Brunell's Brain

No disrespect to Todd Collins, but playing second fiddle to this guy is a little harder to swallow than when Byron Leftwich unseated me in Jacksonville. It's kind of like the time I watched my former UW teammate Billy Joe Hobert get selected 60 picks ahead of me in the NFL draft. That guy sucked.

But honestly, I just feel blessed to be able to hold a clipboard and wear a sweet NFL official sideline cap for the Washington Redskins. It's also an honor and a blessing to play for Joe Gibbs.

It's also exciting to think that I'm one Michael Strahan pancake or Osi Umenyiora blow to the head away from strapping on my helmet and leading this team again. Not that I would ever wish for anything like that to happen, but have you seen the state of our offensive line? Heck, Steve Emtman would have a field day against this bunch.

I'm not one to second guess Coach Joe, but I really think we need a mobile quarterback -- like me! -- under center for this game.

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