Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Redskins' Coaching Search from A to Z

A is for Art Monk, whose election to the Hall of Fame while the Skins were still coach-less was a long time coming.

B is for 'Balls!' -- the reaction from most fans when Jim Fassel emerged as a leading candidate.

C is for Continuity, the definition of which is lost on Dan Snyder.

is for David Tyree, Super Bowl hero, who has as much head coaching experience as Jim Zorn.

E is for Elongated, as in "This search was too damn elongated."

F is for Fassel False Alarm -- see B.

G is for Gregg Williams, the popular choice from the start.

H is for Housekeeping staff, which was busy at Snyder's guest home.

is for Ill Will, or what Fassell has for Vinny Cerrato.

J is for Jason Campbell, the supposed future of the franchise no matter who's in charge.

K is for Kansas City Chiefs, who wouldn't hire Fassel as their offensive coordinator.

L is for Lights Out, as in the multiple power failures during Zorn's introductory news conference.

M is for Maroon and Black, which is how Zorn described the Redskins' color scheme.

is for No-Name Hire -- for a change.

O is for Orioles Owner Peter Angelos, one of the few men who makes Dan Snyder look like a genius.

P is for Positive Thinking. Think happy thoughts.

is for Questionable decisions.

R is for Ron Meeks -- another candidate who bit the dust.

S is for Six, as in the number of Redskins head coaches since Snyder bought the team.

is for Timetable.

is for Uncertainty.

is for Vinny, enemy spy for the Dallas Cowboys.

is for Who, as in "Who the hell is Jim Zorn?"

is for X's and O's.

is for Yesterday's News -- at long last.

is for Zorn.

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